mentor sessions

I get people emailing me with questions or asking me if I offer mentoring sessions (soooo nice guys, I never thought I’d be offering these!) and I absolutely LOVE responding to each and every one of you, but sometimes it’s hard to keep up and still give a thought out, in depth, answer that will cover all that you asked!

So, I offer One-on One FaceTime/Skype Sessions, One-on-One in person Q+A sessions, and an in-person Q+A session accompanied by a shoot where you get to practice hands on, because whats better than hands-on learning?

I am unbelievably overwhelmed by the fact that so many of you have showed interest in learning from me that I can now offer these. It makes me so happy to see people taking a leap of faith and pursuing their dreams, and I would be so honored to be able to teach + learn along side all of you amazing babes!

So, what’s included and what’s the cost?
I’ve loved dedicating my time to learning all these things through many, many hours and countless experiences and I plan to continue doing so! Building a business isn’t easy (and is endless) as I’m sure you’re figuring out! Not easy, but so SO worth it. Seriously what’s better than seeing something you’ve built from the ground up, take off? And that’s where I want to help! I am by no means knowledgable in everything business + photography related, I am still learning TONS on the daily, and the beauty of being in this field of business specifically is that there is no right or wrong way to do it. That’s the beauty but that’s also the trick. I want to share and make what I know accessible for those who are open to learning! I’d love to offer up my experiences in what I know to help others grow too. So let’s grow together!

+ 2 Hours

+ This Q + A Style session is led by you! Please ask any and all questions, I highly recommend you come up with a list of things you’ve been wanting to know or are curious about prior to our session! We will fill this time completely how you want to!

+ Booking Process + Workflow

+ Organizational Tips

+ Gear

+ Pricing + Contracts

+ Shooting Tips + How I appraoch them

+ Making Friends; Not just Clients

+ Lightroom/Photoshop Tricks

+ etc.

Whatever you want to fill your few hours with, lets DO IT. This is all about you and what you want!

+ Wrap-Up PDF Guide sent to you so you can look back on everything that I’ve learned and want to share with you at any time.
I dont wan’t you to leave with all this information thrown at you at once, expecting you to remember everything we chatted about over the hour! That’s a lot for your brain! I want you to leave with something tangible that you can turn back to!

+ 3 Hours

+ Same thing as above! This Q+A styled session is led by you! You can ask any and all questions, even come with a list of things you want to go over! But the best part about this package is we can do it over brunch or tacos, or even pizza– you name it! Because who wouldn’t want to do that?! (on me!)

Bring your computer and lets hang out! We can set you up with Honeybook, go over Lightroom tools and techniques, I can show you my workflow from start to finish! Everything is always better in person!

+ And of course you’ll still receive the PDF Guide too!

Yup! Consider this your own very very mini workshop! (sorry guys, I’m not cool enough to put on an actual workshop yet, plus, too nervous)

This is my favorite one of all! It’s a day filled to the BRIM of learning, good food, good company, and life-long friendships and I’m so excited about it.

+ We will start by meeting up over coffee or brunch for about two hours, get to know each other, and talk about what you know and what you want to learn! We’ll talk about workflow before a shoot, your business and your goals for it, and we will even set some goals for our shoot and make sure we are focusing on everything you want to focus on.

+ I’ll then have a couple meet up with us so we can go shoot and have some hands on learning! That’s the best way to learn, is to practice! Throughout the shoot I’ll direct, let you direct, give you pointers throughout the session, and we’ll work on those things that you wanted to practice and know!

+ After our hour long shoot, we’ll go sit down for three hours or so over tacos or your favorite kind of food and cover everything that comes after a shoot! We’ll talk about how it went, go over workflow, editing, client delivery, and everything in-between! This time is yours and I want it to be filled with all that we can fill it with.

+ Overall, this will be a day long event! (7-8 hours) I really do want it to feel like a mini workshop where you get all of the attention, can ask all of the questions your heart desires, and learn all of the things that you’ve wanted to learn for so long.

+ And yes, you will still receive the Wrap-Up Booklet!

Want to shoot with a friend? Deal! Let’s chat! Want to shoot in a rad location other than Boise (down, really I’m down), maybe even plan a Styled Shoot with vendors that I can help you coordinate? Let’s also chat and collaborate! (May have additional costs) I’m only offering a few mentor sessions a month, so if you’re interested, go ahead and fill out the form below, I’d love to chat and meet you:) I have learned an unbelievable amount from this community, and the only thank you I can think of is to return the favor. Lets chat, learn, laugh, and eat some tacos together!